I am a musician from the south of the UK, I like making music and playing with my synths. I've made game music and electronic music professionally in the past. I aim to keep on designing delightful and complex music for many years to come.

Age 32, Male

wood turner

Angmering high school

Brighton, UK

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So I see my last releases got basically no views. I know I don't post often but I wondered why I might have scared people off. I will try to build up my channel again, but see what happens, as if I ain't getting any useful views there is no point in making music for this platform. I know theres a crisis going on but I would have thought it would have been the opposite and there would be more people online. Just a thought. I know melancholy and depressed nature stuff doesn't attract any views and I will apologies if my output has been depressive to people, or maybe its the mixes and the fact that I've been using a MacBook Pro with Logic, new headphones and a new set of FX to make music so it sounds different. It's not my fault that my SM58 is 30 miles away and I can only use the internal microphone. Anyway it doesn't really bother me as have been using this platform to get my music more internationally recognised and also I can use it as a file system to store and review my own works.

But anyway I'll be back soon with another song & dance, plus I can see if anything else changes.


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