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I am a musician from the south of the UK, I like making music and playing with my synths. I've made game music and electronic music professionally in the past. I aim to keep on designing delightful and complex music for many years to come.

31, Male

wood turner

Angmering high school

Brighton, UK

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Speaker upgrade

At the beginning of the year purchased a KRK Rokit RP8 G3, to allow me to add my original RP6, as a rear channel on stands. I also purchased a pair of Gorilla stands to go on my desk to bring the monitors upto ear height. Then a couple of weeks later I got the other RP8 for my birthday, so only now have a setup of 8" speakers. This matches my 8" Subwoofer nearly perfectly, but may look at upgrading to a 12" at a later date. KRK's in my opinion are just cheaper monitors which match up with my yamahas, but with slightly heavier bass levels. They seem to be better with dance tracks and some other genres, but they are limited. I will probably upgrade to Generlics, but they start at £600 each for something in my last speakers size. I am now making projects in 96Khz at 24bit, but my digidesign 002 keeps setting save states to 41Khz. I'm guessing maybe as it doesn't have a decent driver to manually set it to the higher Khz rate.

My next purchase will be a desk with 19" rack space. But it looks like a suitable desk will be about £370 from Thomann.de, which is a good dutch/german company to get cheaper audio gear.

I am also aware that I have a five and a bit old machine for everything else, so will probably have to upgrade my PC at some point also. My GF just bought a 2060 graphics card, i only have a 680 which not good enough for more recent games. I think she downloaded anthem which came free with the card, seems cool but seems slightly much for her 4th gen CPU. My PC is good for cubase upto 60 ish tracks of some VST 's.


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