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I am a musician from the south of the UK, I like making music and playing with my synths. I've made game music and electronic music professionally in the past. I aim to keep on designing delightful and complex music for many years to come.

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maxxpump's News

Posted by maxxpump - May 12th, 2019

I am releasing some older songs which I made in college as they are pretty good tracks.

This morning I released a track called "Blue Light" which I made eleven years ago in 2008; I had just recently discovered VSTi's like Kontakt, Pro-53 and HalionOne. I was running Sequel 1 on my laptop at home, which had no VST capabilities. I couldn't afford a version of Cubase and the college didn't like handing out educational licenses (which in all respect, they could of).

I made a track a day while learning to use Cubase which was on version SX3, I think Cubase 5 was out but Northbrook hadn't upgraded yet as there main programs they kept upto date was Pro-Tools and Logic. They had quite a decent studio space with twenty four soundproofed rooms with a PC, Tannoy Reveal speakers, Amplifier and a Core DSP rack. They also had four rooms with SLI consoles and extra equipment. We had a room with a Icon mixing desk and 9.1 surround sound with Genelec speakers. Two rooms with Valve consoles and one with a Moog Voyager in (the other had a piano and a Juno-106). Most of the rooms only ran Pro-Tools with Digidesign 002 sound cards (like the one I've got now).

They also had three computer areas with forty computers each, split up into Cubase, Logic and Pro-Tools areas respectively. Most computers had Roland Sound Canvas MIDI modules. I hung around in the smaller rooms, most computers had cubase in there and students had installed a array of different cracked versions of VST's on some computers, so it was a luck of the draw which computers had what on.

I used the VSTi's to their maximum capability, apart from advanced programming in Kontakt 5 which I never got my head around as I personally had a Akai S6000 and Yamaha A3000 sampler at home, which I used extensively in my BTEC and ND level courses.

Here's "Blue Light" if you want to take a listen! This was solely made using Arturias Pro-53: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/862600

Posted by maxxpump - April 18th, 2019

So this morning I wanted to make a new song with vocals, which I just released now which is called "I Am Trying to See" which can be found here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/858643?updated=1555586381

I made it using custom soundsets in Vanguard, Xpand! 2 and Serum. I have attempted a few harmonies which reinforce the vocal lines. This was really a quick project with me playing with piano sounds as well as trance style pads and leads.

I plan now to launch a new song once per week as I am fairly busy these days with my other studio job. I hope everyone likes this new piece as I think it sounds okay.

Anyway everyone have a good rest of their weeks and I'll post something about this time next week.

Posted by maxxpump - March 28th, 2019

So here it is a re-rendition of a old live chord sequence called Give Up The Fight.

So I've made a new song called "Give Up The Fight" which uses a old chord sequence of mine which I've used in live situations and jam sessions. you can find the new song here: "Give Up The Fight"

I used Cubase 9 to compile and sequence it. I mainly used Vanguard and a very basic Sawtooth wave in Serum, layering eight oscillators over each other to create a chorused style effect. I also used a kick drum from my old Akai drum package and EZDrummer to create the Hi-Hat and Snare lines.

I played in the synth solo lines a few times to come up with something original and witty. The vocals were processed in two parts, one using Autotune and a light reverb effect and the final one using Orange Vocoder, keying it to F, I also used a slightly heavier reverb line to make it sit in with the rest of the song.

I used a dynamic microphone from Behringer as this seems to fit my vocal style a lot more than using a condenser microphone. I've now sold my Rodes NT1-A as my deeper voice never seemed to fit the waveform which was created by the NT1-A. I have plans to buy another condenser microphone in the future, but I want a very large diaphragm microphone, or even a microphone used for kick drums and low bass guitars. I want to make a few songs showcasing my operatic low baritone vocals, but I need a good track to go along with it.

My favourite song over the last 12 months has still to be "Time Goes On (Complete With Vocal)" This song really showcases some of my best vocals and the track is very good and was created fully and manually in a studio, not using sequencing as a means of creation. I've been told the verses backing track sounds like 2Pac and Biggie Smalls. I used no autotune and hardly any processing on the vocals. The mid eight was played in by me as well which I love as it shows off my keyboard skills, which I don't really do that often.

Posted by maxxpump - March 11th, 2019

If you had read my last post you would know that I just got new speakers (Monitors) and am wanting to use the old speakers as rear channel speakers.

So my plan is to connect my RP8 speakers as main output speakers and use my RP6 speakers connected to my two available monitor outs on my Digidesign 002 sound card. I have now been told that I would have to use the separate outputs on channel 5 and 6 and use the routing on cubase, but this won't work as surround when viewing Youtube videos and play back of files without Cubase, unless I change my cable configuration. I have found that to get a surround sound setup, I would have to buy a soundcard which would cost in excess of £3000. There is another option, that is to have cables running from my motherboard sound card to the outputs on my Digidesign 002 and have them running into the speakers.

The question is should I bother or sell my old KRK RP6's and just use the money to upgrade at a later date to decent Genelec speakers.

Posted by maxxpump - February 13th, 2019

Speaker upgrade

At the beginning of the year purchased a KRK Rokit RP8 G3, to allow me to add my original RP6, as a rear channel on stands. I also purchased a pair of Gorilla stands to go on my desk to bring the monitors upto ear height. Then a couple of weeks later I got the other RP8 for my birthday, so only now have a setup of 8" speakers. This matches my 8" Subwoofer nearly perfectly, but may look at upgrading to a 12" at a later date. KRK's in my opinion are just cheaper monitors which match up with my yamahas, but with slightly heavier bass levels. They seem to be better with dance tracks and some other genres, but they are limited. I will probably upgrade to Generlics, but they start at £600 each for something in my last speakers size. I am now making projects in 96Khz at 24bit, but my digidesign 002 keeps setting save states to 41Khz. I'm guessing maybe as it doesn't have a decent driver to manually set it to the higher Khz rate.

My next purchase will be a desk with 19" rack space. But it looks like a suitable desk will be about £370 from Thomann.de, which is a good dutch/german company to get cheaper audio gear.

I am also aware that I have a five and a bit old machine for everything else, so will probably have to upgrade my PC at some point also. My GF just bought a 2060 graphics card, i only have a 680 which not good enough for more recent games. I think she downloaded anthem which came free with the card, seems cool but seems slightly much for her 4th gen CPU. My PC is good for cubase upto 60 ish tracks of some VST 's.


Posted by maxxpump - January 8th, 2019

This is a new track which I am piloting. It is a dance track using Hi-NRG style synths. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/841847 I hope people like it.

I have an exellent understanding of making sounds frem scratch. about 80% I'll start off with one VCO, and build it from there. I am getting a good response on Facebook for my music. But I see a also slip or a rift which is the equipment we used and we got the best out of the modules, patch cables amd cable management. Most mods I deakt with was using valves. I used to service old radios as a kid. So I know how to build a valve set from scratch.

I like this new track, which I started to add piano abd 80's style voicing, using Vanguard and Pro v3.


Posted by maxxpump - December 27th, 2018

I am persenting a new track to you which is called "Brutal" which can be found here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/839775

Posted by maxxpump - December 4th, 2018

I completed a new track which took me a small while to get off the ground. 

I hope everyone likes this new track. 


Posted by maxxpump - November 8th, 2018

Play with me right now: 

This is a new song which I designed today, sequenced and recorded everything with highly practiced vocals. This has a 80's and early 90's heavy dance vibe to it, using techniques learned from Giogio Moroder, Daft Punk, Tiesto and many more producers. I recorded a majority of it using my Keystation 61 and using light quantization. I came up with all the synth lines. The vocal which uses a technique which I use alot using Antares Autotune, and dry tracks, makes a slightly chorused sound. I do this to reinforce my vocals and make it sound more structured. I get asked about how I do the vocals quite alot, and this is how I do it. It makes for a very personal signature sound, which I stand by.

I used a bit of light reverb, but otherwise this is largely unproccessed, as I don't want it sounding too muddy.

I might improve it using a bit of flanger, but otherwise this song is complete. 

I really hope people like it as this one has taken a lot of focus and playing around to get right. 

Anyway until next time, take care. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/831772

Posted by maxxpump - May 18th, 2018

So I have just released the 5th segment of the Concept series, which take a lot of the complexity of the original Concept song and making a nice sweet and fun project out of it. This one is pretty heavy in places and has been mixed down across a few different sound systems. I used all the synths I used in Concept Mk1, but I have added in doubles and triple synth lines in places to make a much fatter sound. Tell me what you think, this new song can be found here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/806387?updated=1526680171 or just via my Music section. 

I am toying with many ideas at the moment, several of which are new vocal songs which I will release in due time, but I'm not completely happy with the tracks as of yet, as I think the vocals could need improvement. One song I'm doing was inspired by a song called "Roads by Portishead" which is a pretty poinyent and emotional song, but I really like the Rohdes piano sound and I've got a few EP sound in Cubase including a Wurli emulation and one by Air called Velvet piano. I'll see what I can come up with.