Entry #118

New song, first in while

2017-12-17 17:41:56 by maxxpump

I've been taking a bit of a break recently, too mainly play with new ideas, train my mixing skills. I've also had prroblems with finishing my songs as I was finding creation very mundane and slightly depressing (its most probably because my new recording contact and the work load for that). 

My new song is a vocal song with dance elements, which is a bit pop and bit light rock. The mix has come out really well on all my test devices and really am happy with this new creation. I also have been practicing vocals for this song for while in few different formats and this was the best arrangment and vocaI could come up with. Still not amazing, but palitable, I hope peeps get on with it and tell me what you like about it. Anyway I hope everyones had nice weekend and hope to post more interesting original compisitions very soon. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/779979


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