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I am a musician from the south of the UK, I like making music and playing with my synths. I've made game music and electronic music professionally in the past. I aim to keep on designing delightful and complex music for many years to come.

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New old stock

Posted by maxxpump - May 12th, 2019

I am releasing some older songs which I made in college as they are pretty good tracks.

This morning I released a track called "Blue Light" which I made eleven years ago in 2008; I had just recently discovered VSTi's like Kontakt, Pro-53 and HalionOne. I was running Sequel 1 on my laptop at home, which had no VST capabilities. I couldn't afford a version of Cubase and the college didn't like handing out educational licenses (which in all respect, they could of).

I made a track a day while learning to use Cubase which was on version SX3, I think Cubase 5 was out but Northbrook hadn't upgraded yet as there main programs they kept upto date was Pro-Tools and Logic. They had quite a decent studio space with twenty four soundproofed rooms with a PC, Tannoy Reveal speakers, Amplifier and a Core DSP rack. They also had four rooms with SLI consoles and extra equipment. We had a room with a Icon mixing desk and 9.1 surround sound with Genelec speakers. Two rooms with Valve consoles and one with a Moog Voyager in (the other had a piano and a Juno-106). Most of the rooms only ran Pro-Tools with Digidesign 002 sound cards (like the one I've got now).

They also had three computer areas with forty computers each, split up into Cubase, Logic and Pro-Tools areas respectively. Most computers had Roland Sound Canvas MIDI modules. I hung around in the smaller rooms, most computers had cubase in there and students had installed a array of different cracked versions of VST's on some computers, so it was a luck of the draw which computers had what on.

I used the VSTi's to their maximum capability, apart from advanced programming in Kontakt 5 which I never got my head around as I personally had a Akai S6000 and Yamaha A3000 sampler at home, which I used extensively in my BTEC and ND level courses.

Here's "Blue Light" if you want to take a listen! This was solely made using Arturias Pro-53: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/862600