New...The remakes of old material?!

2017-04-18 13:01:38 by maxxpump

So people on here liked the likes of Concept and Save the Race (which I remade this weekend, to keep my mind off what was going on in the media and the other side of the world...). I've started a list of most popular content and revised them to make a new best of album which will contain remakes using brand new and state of the art VST's and what access to classical synths I have. I would remake dystopian peace but I know that would probably would bore everyone to tears so I won't (unless someone says otherwise...). The list so far is as follows; This includes some of the best songs from Youtube as well as I'm not going through my whole catalogue on newgrounds since they are not sorted that way, and will unfortunately take too long; 

The story of Evil Ed (using my Yamaha CS-40m, this time around),
Tripping Without Love,
We are Unchained,
Synclavier V Test (including real samples), 
Do You Love me Take me Back, 
Accordion Song MK1,
The CS-80 sound test called "Where do we Hide" Inspired by the sound track to Duke Nukem 3D,
Waterfalls (the best parts from the Mega mix!),
Optic State (its been a long coming as I have new mics and pine to redo this track), 
GTA Joyride, (Remix, using Fireball01e's original track as a bases (!)), 
Anya Ceylan (originally for accordion (!)),
Right Angles,
Like a Dream (which will be the long anticipated 12" mix using a completely new mix and vocals),
The Windows Remix (Newgrounds version to have no Microsoft/old windows samples (!)),
Spectra Crawl (my nod to Cyriak the animator),
Choose! Freedom, (the Live stage version, work in progress),
and finally A track called "Dark luminescence" (again for live usage, a very long work in progress).

The tracks on the list with the (!) are remixes of others work and maybe Youtube only releases as I ain't getting into trouble on my account on Newgrounds. 

A lot of these songs have already been on tour my band a few times and we have made a lot of changes to make them playable live, We will be doing studio re-recordings, live when we can, rather than recordings from the main desks (live mixing consoles) as these I have done before and haven't gone down to well on any of my channels, due to excess crowd interaction with the vocal mics picking up all sorts. As well as bad sounding mixes which don't play back to well on mobile devices. 

If you guys don't see me for a few days, I'm either working on this new remake album, Bliss, or DNA (Which at this point maybe entirely shelved as I'm not getting as good result out of my social media channels and when I posted this new project the other day on my book-face account I got much feedback, so this may end up being my thing rather than DNA which is disappointing as I thought people would have liked a free-be album, but I guess that's not going down to well with my target audience, which is a bummer, but I work on what ever goes to making the most people happy rather than anything else!

Anyway I'm off to make a new hard hitting dance track which is inspired by Avicii, but using completely live instrumentation! I will say my bass on the next few tracks has been slightly inspired by a track called Animals by a person I never heard of before called M Garrix (Yeah I know you probably like...What, you had you head under a rock or something, but no indeed I've heard his name but never his music before, not even on the radio. Animals sounds sick and I will be doing a training project on his work i.e: I will completely remake animals and see what I get or learn from it. I know you would be like you doubt I can do that, but I've made Wacko Jacko tracks from scratch before and got them to sound close (the mixing took me weeks, but with some patience I believe like me, anyone can do it, even though sometimes its an absolute pain the ass, takes along time and maybe over some people's patience levels, that's fine but I operate like this and love a good challenge, even though you will never hear me make any of these remixes on Newgrounds as it's against the rules, Mr fulps general wisdom and if you like that kind of thing just go to my YouTube channel and search for remixes, as there is quite a bunch up there...


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2017-04-18 17:04:10

Instead of rewriting a new post I will say it here instead...I got a message today from someone on here that I won't name (as it's never fair to do so). Why I don't use sounds from the latest and greátest sounding VSTi synthesisers, and my short answer is as follows...Money don't grow on trees and most VSTi's which I have in my collection even though they are mostly secondary licenses which I have from work, which I use a chunk on my yearly salary as well as company finances to buy, cost in the region of nearly $300 a pop (about £250 in my money). As I own a professional studio, which as a company is audited and regulated, I can't afford to get VSTi's which are not licenced to me, i.e: this is why I still use synths like Vanguard, Nexus, Dune 2, Hydra, Praxis. My newest synths being Serum and Diva. (so in other words due to being professional business, I could risk fines or possibly law enforcement action, if one of my workstations go out to a gig and are found to have pirated software onboard). Everything you hear in my productions is licensed and I have never personally done downloads apart from the occasional freeware VST, mainly EFX and SFX. This is another reason why I use only 100% my own samples when it comes to my work as to avoid the cost of subsequent royalties.

If your serious in this game, you would do the same as there have been instances where even popular artists have been caught with "Team Air Software" running on there live rigs....Cough Avicii Cough!

So in a reply to my latest message, no I don't have enough money to own the best of the best and, if I did I wouldn't waste it at this stage on any more VSTi's as I'm doing more and more live gigs and mainly are using hardware, like samplers and keyboards (I nearly have enough money to get myself a Roland System 8 which can model any previous roland keyboard and synth and its good enough that Jean Michel Jarre has four of the units now at his disposal (but I do wonder if it maybe down product placement rather than anything else...we will see next month when I get hold of one!)