Yay Front paged!

2017-06-19 07:36:28 by maxxpump

What can I say, quite a compliment really, Thankyou all! Just getting ready to go to Spain and France and to see Jean Michel Jarre play live, so won't be able to make any music, I'll be bringing the Melodica and Accordion with me, so I won't go mad in the mean time. So basically see you next month! 


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2017-06-19 09:02:10

Have fun, both with your travels and the concert. Well done on the FP!


2017-06-19 09:15:05

Well Done Stu! I've been here since 08, and never FP! Enjoy your hols! See you at the concert, looks like Davis is going to do the VIP thing himself, lucky git!