Freedom and Valuable friend, my highschool friends deadly story.

2017-08-16 07:15:53 by maxxpump

Freedom is a track that I made when a friend I knew back in high school took utterly the wrong path in life, started smoking dope when he was a teenager, then went on to become a heroin addict, we were on contact via Bookface (never face to face) until about a year and half ago when I found out he died of a overdose. I wrote freedom as a warning, a PSA and it has been a very regular stage piece for me. The audience have requested it as encore material before, I hate playing it now as it brings back to many harsh memories. This morning after a year of wanting to do a follow up piece I released "Valuable Friend" which has much harsher tone to it, and is from what out of happened in his final years, but with a touch of hope, which unfortenatly he never found. There's a couple of David Bowie references in there, Ashes to Ashes and few other pieces. The main reason I was prompted to write this, is because my new friends cousin recently came to the same fate, heroin kills like most drugs, but this one is a particually nasty drug, which litrially destroys your soul, mind and body from the inside out. 

"Valuable Friend"

"Freedom extended mix"


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