Concept a new song and a new album!

2017-08-17 12:56:22 by maxxpump

The new song I released this song this morning and is called Concept 4.

This song was inspired by Jean Michel Jarres, Electronica World Tour's beginning song which called "Automatic". This again is completely original and took a while to produce. I've worked on this track for the last four days making this new sound scape from scratch using mainly Vanguard, then recorded and used as samples for Xfer Serum. I hope you enjoy it:

I've just released the five concept tracks now as a complely re-mastered album, its on Spotify and Amazon. 

I've also released both a re-edited version of "Heartless" @ or Spotify:

Also my new album "Exedist sings" @ or Spotify:

They are all reasonably priced =) 



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