New dance trax up today!

2017-08-20 09:33:34 by maxxpump

First thing I did this morning was go over F'balls channel and I checked out his "Vortex 2017 mix", which were not bad, but I thought I could make something much better, more alive! I'm big fan of "Vortex (ping pong board) mix which Fireball01e did I think originally back in 2006, but only release on NG back in 2009. I've been studying keyboards and playing techniques, of man from Sweden called Sebastian "Kebu" Teir, and by watching his youtube video's and by ear I have learned many of the songs which he plays, including his version of Chase by Giogio Moroder, his version of Miami Vice by Jan Hammer and his original track series Perplexagon. From doing this i'm playing much more in time and can do complex arpeggios quickly and effiently. I used this learned techinque on Vortex 2017 Remix which I released this morning on NG and as far as my playing is concerned I think I have really raise the bar comparing to a lot of my other work. I'm in love with it, which in itself is highely unusual for me as I genuinely believe that a majority of my works are very hit and miss. There is vocal on the track, which I would replace if a female singer would contact me on one of the many platforms I use, obviously depends if they like the track that is...

I'm also at the moment working on dance version of "Dystopian Peace" which is starting to turn out really well! This maybe released tonight, I'll see what transpires! 

My other track "Shining in the Moonlight" is another Accordion song and has me attempting a very low vocal which is in operatic style, but I'm still playing around with microphone usage techniques, so the vocals have distorted slightly as my voice while recording just is too powerful! "Shining in the Moonlight" was very much inspired by the band Beirut:, and even though it might not be everyones cup of tea, I've really tried to get this piece to sound amazing as Stuartly possible!


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2017-08-20 10:49:27

I've listened to your during break time, showed it, he said strip the vocal, but you do really need to a replacement vocal, after that if its good we want to support you send it into Spinnin records, as we reckon you have really made this time! I really done my original composition justice even though the tracks are completely different sounds. I tell you will be doing this live tomorrow, I've got arrangements and you will doing a support slot. What do you say! in or chicken? Nah kidding but I'm not joking about playing live by the way! Practice downfall electronica edition and this track, I'll phone you later.

"Shining in the Moonlight" isn't my style but your singing is amazing, we just need to get you a decent microphone to pick up your voice, as yes your vocal is amazingly powerful and we need less sensitive microphone, we'll go and test/talk to GAK's customer tomorrow morning! Its on the studio's budget, so please make sure you can come down with tomorrow.

maxxpump responds:

I'll phone you about four-ish, that okay? But thanks for the rest you and Si are very very good to me, not to say over friendly toward a hermit crab...sigh, oh well... I would be way up a gig just very short notice which I don't really like that much, but I'll talk to you on the blower later and we can work out the details.