Remake of "Space Fantasy" Original song and lyrics!

2017-08-21 03:33:06 by maxxpump

So since I released "Space Fantasy" originally, it got seven hundred plays on Youtube and about five hundred on this website, which wasn't bad going...

So after seeing its initial success I adapted the score to play it live and we had it on general rotation, swapping out this track with another popular track, and it always went down fairly well. Since I was bored this morning and didn't have to much of clue or composition in mind, I looked thought the catalogue (which is about a thousand songs!), and decided it was about time I did a remake of this track. I'm performing tonight and have susquently updated the backing tracks for this new version. Tonight I'm playing at a venue which has capacity for just over a thousand people, which is interesting in itself. I'm doing all new versions of my original works from the last few years. Which includes "My Downfall", "Freedom", "Space Fantasy", "When it doesn't work", "Chamberlain" and the new version of "The Vortex remix '17", which I released yesterday. I may or may play "Like a Dream" as well, but its just an hour slot, and its for support of quite a well known Brighton Electronic music act. If it goes down well theres a chance been able to get a support slot in a few weeks time to support another well known guy called "Norman Cook" which is AKA Fatboy slim, if this goes down well it would be a high light for me and would boost my self worth!  

I give you the new version, which is exclusive at the moment to NewGrounds:

Update 1: I've been over Fireball01e's studio pretty much all morning and we've rerecorded a few of my pieces, including the popular accordion song "Chamberlain" and "When Life Doesn't Work". I sing on all recordings and to be honest I'm really starting like my vocals, as low key defiently suits my style of work (or some of it anyway!). I will be doing a few more accordion songs in the coming days, so if you like my accordion playing there's something to look forward to! They are going to be eastern european, and baroquet songs, which I really love composing this kind of music! This is the "Chamberlain":

Update 2: Just finalised my last accordion song before I have to compose again from scratch, this song is a Eastern European Jig about my problems with posting on NG as a whole, I hope you like as I had great fun making it!

I recorded another song with Fireball01e that is called "Why Don't you Remember me anymore" again its a original accordion piece, which has a full decent vocal track on it!


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2017-08-21 03:49:34

Tonight should go down well, i'll be there to support you and we are going to be there as they are employing our equipment and staff. Simon will be there as well, and Loman said he may as well make a trip over from Bournemouth. I like the sound of your set list and I imagine there is nothing really to go wrong as they are nearly same setlist as your tour from last year. I've heard that "88 club's going to be there and also Mr Cooks making an appearance, hence you have the chance to play along side him in a months time. Simon said that Felix Buxton is going there as well Aka Basement Jaxx as well as well as Andy Gangadeen which is the drummer for plan B, so this is going to be a pretty high profile event! I just don't quite believe we got the main stage at the Brighton Dome! Again! I be wouldn't worried about it and I imagine you will take it in your stride, like everything you have done live last decade and a half! But since it's so short notice people won't know that you and ExeDist are performing until half an hour before you come on, no pressure! But as I said last this for fun only as there's no money for you in it, but you will get free drinks afterwards! I hope doing this morning and don't forget to start rehearsing early in the day as I don't really want repeat of last time, where your like I've practiced for half an hour as I know the gig went down without a hitch, but its no excuse, also be sober, I know you will, but I again don't want you get stressed out and have a few cans before hand, as you really can't sing when under in the influence!

maxxpump responds:

Simon told me about who is who and who's going to be there, I'm suppose if Norman Cook was a layman doing the support act he probably wouldn't attend! To be honest I'm stressed as hell, you know I've played Vortex many times just never that key, and thats only for starters. I'm currently setting up my samplers and just put my studio PC in the rack case as well as my Akai S6000 and the four Yamaha A3000's (was going to test drive the new A5000's I got but that will have to wait as I'll just stick with I know at the moment!), I really hope the equipment behaves itself tonight as I know I have redundant equipment, but some of this old equipment even redundant systems are not safe enough, last time I gigged I got there and the one of hard drives in one A3000's had failed! Isn't going to be 88 performing as one of main acts tonight? Don't worry Dan once the live equipments ready I'll get in a few hours practice. @DavisLoman please can message me as I didn't know you were coming down, long way to go just for an hour gig isn't it?


2017-08-21 04:03:02

I wouldn't miss it for the world, as I love watching play live and I "could" bump into Mr Cook and have a chin wag, as I haven't seen or spoken to him for numerous years, well since we did that project together, back '01! Long time isn't it. I'll see you stu! Best of luck anyway!


2017-08-21 04:44:43

Considering how much I love soundtracks to do with space, I'll give that track particular attention when I get on a PC!