Entry #114

New Accordion Polka!

2017-09-10 08:28:33 by maxxpump

"Thats what I call polka" is a new complicated and completly original accordion piece which has been recorded at a number of locations in the last week, it stars a old friend called Jim Morrisey, and a return of the usage of a Roland FR-7 digital accordion, this is a really polkaish polka, with lightning fast accordion playing and excellent flow and evolution. 

This is the same song which I talking about on here last week, so released as part of a open weekend collaboration with Fireball01e (Fireball Grafix and Soundz). I would like to thank Dan again for usage of his expansive studio, and many thanks our friend jim, which without his playing ability this project would have never happened (as I can't play to that level), I played backing accordion and composed a great deal of the project. We took a couple of days listening to accordion players from across the world including Weird Al Yankvich, who is really a master at what he does. I also took inspiration from accordion player who is called Peter Rosser, who taught me a great deal on accordion and music theory again without this knowlage I don't think we could have pulled this one off! 

If people like this kind of music it could always be arranged for more to composed in the near future, just drop me a message. 


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