Entry #115

New Live material been uploaded in the next few days!

2017-09-13 17:55:07 by maxxpump

This is going to be the time of year that we are going to be uploading a load of well rehersed live pieces, which we have playing on our new tour. Tonight I've just uploaded "Starting Fires" which we've played sucessfully quite a few times, and only just got around to recording this morning. Fireball will uploading a song titled "The Jackel" which is another live piece which we've been doing for a while. There's a few scrap tracks which will also think about uploading as well, but I'll have to see, as I'm trying a new standard of work on this account, so if we can get a decent recording of it we will release it.

I see everyone hated on my Accordion Polka, which was kind of low seeing as it took us so long to record it and get right, but I've had success pretty much everywhere else with it so its not too much of a let down. 



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