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Came back dead pc

2017-07-20 09:05:36 by maxxpump

As the title suggests I have a dead PC. Main CPU cooling fan not working. Writing this on my a few days, but will be back. Hope all my fans are well. Have a new accordion piece in the making.     

Yay Front paged!

2017-06-19 07:36:28 by maxxpump

What can I say, quite a compliment really, Thankyou all! Just getting ready to go to Spain and France and to see Jean Michel Jarre play live, so won't be able to make any music, I'll be bringing the Melodica and Accordion with me, so I won't go mad in the mean time. So basically see you next month! 

rude awaking...

2017-06-15 13:11:23 by maxxpump

New Explicit song im working on now, maybe out tonight, see what happens...

New equipment just aquired.

So after years of searching for a used an fully working tape Echo, I bought myself a used Roland RE-201, with newly brand new tape, this I got for around £500 which is an absolute bargain for a fully working unit, as they usually go for £1K+, I've had a WEM Copycat for about five years but had constant tape problems with the unit, I heard the RE-201's were pretty stable units so went out and purchased one on Ebay on auction. I also at the same time got a new two new synthesisers, one Moog mini moog, and a Alesis A6, which I got both in a private auction for about a grand for both units. I also got myself a Small Stone Phaser pedal, which I've wanted to pair up with the Logan string synth ever since I witnessed Kebu playing, on a rendition of Chase by Giogio Moroder, which was fantstic performance and the string pad he used was on Logan/Hohner, Sting harmony, So I purchased a broken Logan with transformer issues a couple of months ago, and with small stone I'm able to get really cool pad sounds out of it. You guys will probably have to wait until after I get back france to see Jean Michel Jarre, as I'm going away for a month, so will not be able to release any music in that time, I could take the laptop, but I want a general break from music for a bit, as with studio work and the new contract, I've been making music nearly solidly for the past month or so, and its starting to draw on a bit,

I realeased a new song today called "Be Free without me" it when done will be one of my releases, I've done some vocal work on it, I really need to find a vocalist to do a prober job on it so you're kind of lumped with my vocal on this first draft, its not bad, but will defiently need a seasoned vocalist to complete a final releasable piece of music, I spent about as long and used the same techniques as Concept to make it. I designed all the sound from scratch, and it was inspired by many people, if you like Rock/ New wave take a listen to my first draft tell me what you think, it may get a bit repedative by=ut I really liek the song and it definetly a dancable Synth wave/ New wave track. Its in a completly different style to my couple of New wave tracks and it touches on a very thick 80's style new wave sound. 

Anyway until next time happy browsing! 

Tell me whats wrong with my music, how can I improve? For Newgrounds.

2017-06-06 09:39:01 by maxxpump

So we've been making music on here for the last decade (me the last three years and Fireball01e has been on here now for seven years). Fireball's early work like the Vortex which went down fairly well as well as his GTA One mix which got nearly a thousand views, I've seen similar results, with Evil Ed and Tripping without love (the latter I think is a shit song, at the studio we all agree why on earth did it get 3K views and 89 downloads?). When stuff like Do You Love Me? (Take Me Back),, which got nearly thirty five thousand plays on YouTube got about four hundred here (and that's only because I've called it a flagship product and has been viewed numerous times by people, including Parlophones sister studio company, which is the main song they signed me on, so what the hell is going on?

I know listening to Creo, ZerryX and Paragon, that occasionally my mixes are not upto scratch, but I guess this is the first question really is being a more younger generation of people viewing my music on Newgrounds, how many of you use phone and tablet speakers to view them with? As I know my music is not optimised for tinney speakers like those found on phones! I make my mixes compatible with high grade studio reference speakers, studio main monitors and my KRK's which are Nearfield monitors. 

I do also make my mixes headphone freindly, and this mastering takes a lot of time to do, plus the extra time I take to mix it down so everythings in the right place frequency wise. I really thought that "Do You Love Me (Take me Back)" might have taken off like it did on YouTube as I had my Jazzy piano played by me acoustically, on a old branner electric grand piano which was modified specifically for the piece I did, as well thinking it was so good I went out a purchased a copy of Alicia's Key's. You have me singing using state of the art vocoders. provided by early 80's Roland units.

The track was mastered in New York at a company called Sterling Sound and Audio, and it where not cheap, its played with clarity on every system I played it on. I got three comments on the track one saying to turn up vanguard which I did and it clearly ruined the mix, another that was very positive, and the last which gave me all out praise for the song. But I guess for some reason while the single at this point has sold nearly thirty three thousand copies, I get emails on Newgrounds either telling me I've ripped someone off which I'm pretty sure if I did Parlophone wouldn't have signed me, secondly I get emails telling me that it hurt ears.

The last was funny to me as it's my song, I get told to remove it because I released it first (check out their channel and low and behold they have re-released my work without permission getting thousands of views, that then begs the extra question: if someone else releases on the portal and they can get that many views, what the hell am I doing wrong. I will say now I politely asked them to remove it or risk being sued, he promptly removed it siting that he wasn't the only one, but wouldn't tell me who they were).

Thats a pig fucker, but I go on release music which I think is cool, I had turned off the download feature as people were being gracious enough to rob my music on the site and upload it to Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp (For money which really pisses me off!) and during the time I've got the download feature off they are using another website to get my music off and still upload it. I start getting complaints that people want to download my music. So I re-enabled it which Fucking pisses me off, so my choices is now....Do I stop posting my music on the internet! Fullstop as I can get releases though my record company now, or do I carry on with shit viewer ship, everyone stealing my music left right and centre. I might just completly pack it in after my launch album with Parlophone as I'm getting fustrated that people don't give a flying monkies tooshe, and are just in it to get my cool track for Geometry Dash, release levels with that music with a link or re-upload it so they can say they did the track themselves. I can't do anything about it, and this sitution as an artist is amazingly fucked. What do people think I should do...Throw in towel, go on the next hurdle or, leave Newgrounds.

Fireball01e has very similar views.   

I'll also add that I'm getting really annoyed at who ever keeps on impulsively Zero-bombing my tracks as soon as they come out, I've tested it by putting three stars on my self after a day, and it always ends up as about one and a half stars, if im lucky, and this is on a majority of my releases... 



You know people can be so cruel sometimes, i.e: I put a track up on Soundcloud which was a Dubstep/EDM piece (which I've now put up onto Newgrounds which you can find here: I've spent maybe two days on and off on the project, which I've made all my own sounds and been doing advanced sampling using Serum, made all my own drum kits, fiddled and spent maybe half a day mixing it. What do I get firstly a bunch of comments stating that I must be some child as it sounds like I'm using presets, well I can handle that, but then you get other people who say "hey, you know this doesn't sound like Dubstep" Well I've extensively studied drum patterns which skrillex uses, I've got my sounds to sound nice and deep like people like ZerryX, I've spent time chopping up different channels, mix downs of serum at different modulation rates, chopped and reversed some sections. Yeah I know my sound doesn't sound as clean as some one like Skrillex, but you know I am trying my hardest, what is Dubstep actually meant to sound like? I thought it originated from most different styles of EDM and Reggae music, and is an eclectic mix of different styles.

But no time and again I get people tell me, No! thats not dubstep, it has to sound exactly like Bangarang to be Dubstep? which is odd because this isn't the only sound used and its not the only artist which makes Dubstep on the planet. I tell you I'm really confused to what people want from me. Do you want me to make more like this ( which is Dubstep, don't give a flying twat what anyone says on that, as you know it's the right tempo, the right drums and the right soundset, but still I get told its not Dubstep...Yeah I know i'm not Skrillex or ZerryX, I don't want to be like them, yes I might aspire to them, but the last thing I want to do is to start copying people and be like Derp, i've made a another Game Over (which I think is a pretty cool song, but I would never try to emulate it as I want to build on my own style). 

I guess I could always just stop...go back to cubase and make another dance tune, but I'm attempting to get away from sounding like some generic DJ...i.e. Tiesto, cough! I would like to explore my own avenue of sound and release music that I find fun making. Bahhh! I hate always been forced to make something so generic, that A.) the masses would love, B.) makes loads of money super quick, I'm not really in it for financial gain, but you know studio doesn't buy itself. I want to be a innovator like Mr Jarre or Mr Moroder, but being an innovator in this day and age is extremely hard, because when it comes to most of the generalised styles, everything's been done. We're technically just recycling old musical chord sequences, doing a bit of a song and dance to jazz it up and make it sound original. But as I said I would just love to get away from the rest of the sheep, and be a wolf!   

I like to start with thanks to all the well wishers from my Single release with Freedom, Do you love me and just like you (radio mix). It's been produced through the mentioned label Parlophone, and its a right honor...

I'm gobsmacked, nearly twenty thousand sales, facebooks been insane, as well as soundcloud and myspace, what can I say; Thankyou to everyone who has supported me in the last decade and thanks to those who wrote into different labels on my behalf, voting for little old me, and I got a letter back three weeks ago from Parlophone saying that they wanted my music to master for a disk, a single! I selected Freedom "that 80's sound" and bang they released it under my name Unchained Exedist! and last week, which I never hoped for ever in my wildest dreams, it charted on the top 100 chart. I'm now waiting to hear if they will give me a semi-perminant contract. 

I've been asked to submit a remix of Freedom, and we have vocals recorded from people I would never have dreamed of, and Fireball-01e is doing the remix, hopefully, in a EDM style. 

I just want to say thankyou to everyone who has supported me and thank god for the exisitance of Fireball-01e

Well its taken quite a bit of preparation but I rewrote Dystopian Rock, with narration with story which directly links into optic state. 

Hope you enjoy...

watch this space for part 3

Fraunhofer has dropped MP3 support...

2017-05-23 13:23:18 by maxxpump

Fraunhofer has dropped MP3 support...

So it looks like the head company which produced MP3 codec has dropped the codec in favour of a newer version of OGGVorbis, which means Cubase 10 when its released will most probably not have MP3 support, so what that means for Newgrounds which only has support for MP3 files, are they going to upgrade? or am I going to have an ordeal everytime I want to upload something (and no my bitching is not just me its across multi platforms and it looks like they are looking at phasing out MP3 on most systems, in the very near future, So this will mean musicians will be stuck with older decoders which will work for the mean while, but even Lame are stating that they are going to follow suit). 

I produce nearly all my files into MP3 so they work on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Newgrounds, as well as in my car stereo. I want to in the future upgrade to a better DAW as Cubase 9 is lacking features which they removed since Cubase 5 in view of a more stream lined product. So when 10 comes out I most likely will have to upgrade (mainly as my studios service contract states they get value added upgrades when and where they come out. So that means I will be forced to upgrade anyway).

I don't like buggering around with converters and MP3 isn't the best and never has been the best format for music, and just wonder if Newgrounds are going to follow suit and upgrade to OGG or Wave.

What do you guys think do you think this is going to happen, or do you think NG will be lost to the ages.  

I'm currently working on a old popular song called "Strange Sounds", with usage of Serum I will be able to make this a very good sound scape. Not sure if I will use the original audio samples, what does everyone think! I'll post the original in a moment! Here it is on Youtube, I'm suprised its not in my Newgrounds directory!...

Well as you may or may not know from the song I released ealier that I have and have been diagnosed with having AS (Asbergers Syndrome), and one of my fasinations and repedative behavours is making and playing music. I make upwards (when I get free time) upto and beyond ten tracks a day, only a small amount make it to publication. I was diagnosed when I was seven years old and most probably was born with it.  I had absoute hell through high school, through bullying and people picking on me because of my disablity. I didn't know if talking about this on newgrounds was a good idea, but since people are asking me more and more questions about me, I thought it was about time it was out in the open. The condition doesn't affect me to much these days apart from being clumbsy, coordination problems, speech imediment (hence I have problems singing), eye sight issues and I genrally think most of the time differently to the rest of the planet (apprently). If you have any questions feel free to ask, but with me saying this nothing has changed, im still the same person and the ship will carry on sailing!