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I am a musician from the south of the UK, I like making music and playing with my synths. I've made game music and electronic music professionally in the past. I aim to keep on designing delightful and complex music for many years to come.

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Posted by maxxpump - May 18th, 2018

So I have just released the 5th segment of the Concept series, which take a lot of the complexity of the original Concept song and making a nice sweet and fun project out of it. This one is pretty heavy in places and has been mixed down across a few different sound systems. I used all the synths I used in Concept Mk1, but I have added in doubles and triple synth lines in places to make a much fatter sound. Tell me what you think, this new song can be found here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/806387?updated=1526680171 or just via my Music section. 

I am toying with many ideas at the moment, several of which are new vocal songs which I will release in due time, but I'm not completely happy with the tracks as of yet, as I think the vocals could need improvement. One song I'm doing was inspired by a song called "Roads by Portishead" which is a pretty poinyent and emotional song, but I really like the Rohdes piano sound and I've got a few EP sound in Cubase including a Wurli emulation and one by Air called Velvet piano. I'll see what I can come up with. 

Posted by maxxpump - May 9th, 2018

New Songs produced with my snazzy new (2nd hand) sound card.

So I got this new Digidesign 002 up and running, after a week break in period I discover that every other time I launch Cubase the audio recordings or any raw audio playback is distorted and buggy as hell. I installed a older driver to get around this issue before and it is now doing the dammed thing again. It seems this is a Beta driver and the only newer drivers are for Mac only with support for newer versions of Pro-tools. So against my original £90 sound card against the older £2200 Digidesign 002 rack, the 002 really sucks! My old iCon AIO 6 which I just sold crashed less regually and the Presonus iTwo never crashed. So this really, really sucks. So I am now on the look out for a cheap 003 or similar sound card as I can't live with the fact that when inspiration strikes, the equipment may or may not be working correctly. 

My new song is called "My World" and is based on consitant problems I am having with this 2nd hand piece of garbage! https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/804983?updated=1525917670

Posted by maxxpump - April 28th, 2018

Hello, everyone! Just a small thing which I want to know about and want to get off of my chest (and moobs):

So I've got a thing I am trying to get my head around, I know the answer to a degree, but I have a faint idea. I know if I released a track which was a remix of the Final Countdown by Europe (the track which was made in the 1980's), it would probably sound amazing, but I would have my ass handed to me by the moderators and probably be banned from the audio portal. But as I saw on the front page earlier was a animation short of The Simpsons, titled "Steam Hams", which had a animator draw it up and changed every thirteen seconds. They even used the same audio track, which I know is a blatant violation of copycat rules and regulations. So this is the thing right, I have a fair amount of songs I have released on my YouTube account, which I made on my Akai MPC which contain samples, some of them I have had permission to use, but some of I haven't. For example I have a song called "clint Eastwood" which contains as sample from a Clint Eastwood film which I ended up getting permission to use, but never released on this platform as I didn't know about how to go about doing it, even though I had permission to use it and had the emails to prove that I had talked to the copyright owners and had got full permission to use it, I thought I shouldn't release it on here just encase I ran into any issues. I had anther song which was my song called "My Girl", which had a vocal acapella by some girl called Delia, which released a song which featured her on a track called "Time by Chase and Status", it went down really well and to a point that I had over ten thousand YouTube views before I was unfortunately asked to take it down by a company called "WMG entertainment" which are a company which own many copyrights for Warner and Sony records. I know if I released that here I might have been banned. I also did a remix of Numb by Linkin Park which I again got permission to use.

I also wrote few tracks with some vocal shots, which I downloaded from a free acapella website, with vocals by women saying things like "take me to the top", people saying "1, 2, 3, 4" and so on. Some I tracked down from TV sources, which I know are against NewGrounds rules and I never included any of these tracks on my channel. So if the usage of TV samples are not allowed, as the terms of upload states just before you click on upload to the site, why am I singled out as not being allowed to do it, even though there is a option to state that this song has 3rd party samples contained in a certain song and saying to people to take discression when downloading and/or using certain songs on the portal?

It just seems to me that some people get away with it and I most probably can't. I am pretty sure if you asked 24th Century Fox for permission for using the Simpsons samples from the TV broadcast they would probably say no! So I don't really know what is going on in this regard? I just know if I did this I would most probably be banned! Also when people make a song which they don't know if it sounds like something which has already being made, i.e: A artist named "Sam Smith" in the UK made a song called "Stay With Me" which unknown to him turned out to sound like a track which was made about three decades before by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers called "I Won't Back Down", in Sam Smiths case Tom Petty saw that he wasn't blaitantly trying to rip him off, so he actually "Backed down" Pah-Tish....

So in this case wouldn't it be helpful to the artist on NewGrounds if they got a written warning and asked to remove the offending song, rather than just being flagged and outright banned from the audio portal? I know people that flout the rules, like uploading "Bangarang by Skrillex" for use in Geometry Dash and they know its blaitantly wrong, should most probably be kicked. But I just thought if this was the first offense, shouldn't they get a written warning. I just see being banned straight of the bat is a bit harsh. But if the Mods want to do this, whatever I'm not to judge what you guys do and how about doing it, its just a sugestion?!?

On another note, a while back me and Fireball01e released a song called "Devious" which after a short time was un-uploaded and everytime we have tried to put it back up within a day or so it is taken down. After three attempts I got a PM saying it sounded to close to another song and I was in violation of NewGrounds rules? This is the first and last time this has happned to me on here, and I am at a loss to know actually what went wrong in this case, when this was ligitametly a original song, and as my Dubstep goes, it was actually the closest I ever really got to doing something which was actually Dubstep.
This is the offending track on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdhsN6f3Upg&t=135s If someone can tell me what song it sounds like, please tell me. If this is just a bug on our pages also let me know as this was actually a really good song, which I collaborated on and am just slightly stuck with what actually went on.  

Anyway, in other news...My new sound card F'in Rocks! so much extra headroom, on my last sound card I could crank the volume all the way up and it wasn't amazingly loud, with this new one (DigiDesign 002) I can have it upto 45% and its verging on too loud! Also the bass/subwoofer response is so much better. I have being trialling it today in 44.1KHz @ 24 bit opposed to 16 bit mode, and she seems to be pretty stable. Even when cranked upto 96KHz and running about twenty tracks in Cubase, unlike my iCon AIO 6, it doesn't crash or make my computer glitch out! So I am actually very happy with this new purchase! I just sold my AIO for £70 plus £5 postage on eBay, which I originally bought it back in Febuary, it cost me £55! So at least I made a little profit on the sound card! I am unfortenately having a bit of a problem at the moment and its pretty unplesant one. A few months ago I noticed that when my lips got a little too close to the microphone, I got a bit of a electric shock. I always thought it was the Presonus Sound card I had at the time. Then about three weeks ago I bought a KRK 8s2 subwoofer and when ever I reached around to crank up the bass I was getting a bit of a tingle through the painted metal back cover. I now put my microphone on my desk and I get a bit of a tingle about upto half a meter away (I have a woodern desk). Me and my partner tried having a play around with pluggin and un-plugging things and we narrowed it down to either my right studio monitor or my computer. This seems to be a bit of a intermittant problem. When measured with the multi-meter, it registering about 700ma through any painted metal surface. The overall voltage is so small it wouldn't register on the meter, but we know its most probably DC electricity. I may consult a electrical engineer, electrician or a priest, not sure who to ask really. This morning the uncomftable sensation, has turned into a more nastier painful shock, and I am now feeling it through any metal surfaces on my new soundcard. So I hope I can get the problem sorted before it desides to cook one of my studio modules, monitors or new soundcard. I'm thinking it maybe a earth short somewhere, or a dead short to earth, with a possible reference to the mains. 

I am working on a organ piece at the moment which was inspired by the late Avicii, which I am absoutly shocked at the news of his death. The track in question is "Liar Liar" which has always being one of my favourite tracks of his. I'll see how it turns out and if I can develop it and get some decnt vocals down on it, I will hopefully see about releasing it on Monday day time. I'll see how it goes. 

I am just about to spend £250 on a pair of KRK RP6 G3 speakers for using as a rear channel in my studio setup, so I can make a few 3D style muscial projects and play around with some spartital effects like you can hear in Jean Michel Jarre's Equinox 4 and the sound track to "Life Force Tenka" for the Playstation 1. I am going through a bit of a phase at the moment and listening to some of my favourite old game sound tracks like track 1 off the Aliens: Trilogy for PS1/PSX, FF7 and Life Force Tenka (which I only played the demo for as my parents wouldn't let me buy the games as it was ESRB +17 and I was only about 8 or 9 when that came out. GTA by Da Shooters is always being a firm favourite as well. 

I am also thinking of getting some speaker stands to go on top of my desk to bring my studio monitors upto ear height and will buy a pair of stands for my rear channel speaker project. The cables for my rear channel, are going to be £19 each so, in total with new monitors its going to cost me around £340! I just hope the cables are fairly decent for said price and have a decent bit of sheilding on them, if not i am going to be slightly annoyed.

I really want to get a centre speaker as well for my project, but the only dedicated one I have found is a active Adam Near field monitor for £799! I am also thinking of setting up my Denon AVR-3802 as well as a pair of KEF Speakers on my desk for switching back and forth for mastering purposes, when I get around to doing this, I am not sure as I will need 1/4" jack to RCA adapters, and am only really focusing on my upgrade to 4.1 surround sound at this particuallar time. 

I hope everyone is well and I hope not to many people died while trying to read this book of a post! See ya all later. 

Posted by maxxpump - April 21st, 2018

So as many people know I just upgraded to a Icon Aio 6 sound card and DAW mixer.

Now since I've been having all sorts of problems with it dropping out and generally being a pain in the bum, I am upgrading (actually i'm not sue if its a downgrade actually) to a Digidesign 002 Rack mounted sound card with about eight inputs and eight outputs, as well as a array of MIDI ins and outs, Digital ins and outs and support for me to upgrade my studio monitoring system to have 4.1 surround sound! I have been thinking for a while to upgrade my monitoring system to have left and right rear speakers. I am getting another pair of KRK RP6 G3 active speakers. To do so I needed to uprade my soundcard to have over five outputs, one for subwoofer, two for front left and right and two extra ports for rear lleft and right. My Icon Aio 6 has four outputs, so I could have possibly done it with that soundcard, but to get a full surround sound effect I needed all seperate channels. So today I looked up Digidesign 002 and 003 sound cards on the bay of "E's" and found a 002 going for £29.50 which I promptly bid on, it just went for £51.00, which was slightly more than I bargined for, but I dodn't mind paying as these were the same sound cards I trained on at college a decade ago and they were very good at what they did. I kind of wished I waited out for a 003, but I don't care. I was originally looking at buying a Behringer FCA1616 firewire rack mounted sound card, but it was £229.00, I could have purchased it, but with a pair of KRK RP6 G3 monitors with stands, would have worked out to £579.00. Doing it this way I have saved potientially £140ish, so I fairly happy. 

I am also happy that I could effectively run Pro-tools now upto version 8.01. So this is a turn up as I used Pro-tools in college and Dan (Fireball01e) and Davis use Pro-tools, and the output is very clean. So hopefully will add to the overall polish of some of my mixes. 

With the chance to get 4.1 surround sound means I can start making ACC files with upto 5.1 support, so that means I can make more complicated projects with overall 3D sound effects. I will also make some more cinematic style projects, and lots more full ochestral projects. Jean Michel Jarre used full DTS 5.1 surround support when he made Equinox, even though DTS didn't even exsist back then. He used all analgue effects to make it sound like it was in huge 3D space and he did it very well. I plan to do the same kind of thing with my newer electronica, dance and trance projects, but obviously will need to have a bit of a play around first to see what kind of soundscapes I can come up with.

I can see big things coming of this and I hope I can use this kind of sound sculpturing to my advantage. I'll see what I can do....  


Posted by maxxpump - April 11th, 2018

"I want to marry you?" This is my new commecial grade release, I hope everyone likes it, this one is well practiced and has taken me a while to develop and it apart from "Time Will Go On (Complete)" is some of the best and fluid work I have ever done. 

I hope to do some songs like this for my new album which I am in the process of delivering to you guys as another free project of maybe 12-15 tracks. But I still need some direction. So if you have enjoyed this track and "Time Goes On (Complete)" from a few weeks ago, give me a word and I will get on with this new project (I am still going to do this thing anyway as I need a hobby, as well as a sideline project to do alongside my recent album I am releasing with Diamond/Parlo. 

I hope everyone is having a nice week and I hope you guys like this new direction of Electro-pop which I am producing right at this moment of time. 

Thanks anyway guys and gals, your my reason for being. Yours, Stu (Maxxpump)

"Will You Marry Me?": https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/800326?updated=1523448532

"Time Goes On (Complete)": https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/788035

Posted by maxxpump - March 28th, 2018

New piano ballad! I attempt to sing again, but this time I absoultely F'in nailed it!

So last night I release the new version of "Song One Alt", also known as "Love is Lost". I released the latter song about a year and a half ago, it was a rap song with fast paced lyrics, which I wrote about falling out with my best friend and lover. It didn'rt really go down that well, A.) It was pretty explicit, one of the most prominent things I learned about when I did my music production course at Uni (which included a lot about music writing, composition,writing lyrics, arranging, mixing and mastering (as well as the full business aspect of how to actually make money or even stand a chance in the music industry...), I did a survey which found out what the most major turn offs were, when people listen to popular music. One of the most major things, why people are most likely to dislike and skip a partcular track...is swearing, general nastiness and explicit nature. 

If you guys ever listened to that track, you would know it was quite explicit, over all it went down like a lead balloon, I got quite a bit of flack over it (people thought my rap vocals where actually quite good, but most people didn't like the fact that I was singling out someone which I had fell out with, was to be honest pretty nasty and there was at least over a dozen usages of a selection of pretty nasty swear words). But even though it, plus another track which I produced at the same time and released here called "Relationship Issues", wasn't recieved well on Newgrounds very well, it was released on a four track album, which as it stands, I have sold roughly, over six hundred copies, and according to iTunes and my old labels analytics, "Love is lost is the most popular song on that specific release? Weird I know, but I guess this was not the website to release that kind of music on (but I know before that release, the majority of my music on here was Electronica and most faccets of EDM styled instrumental tracks.

"Song One Alt" was the name of the piano piece which I used to rap over and the finished piece was the mentioned song "Love is Lost". I really like that particular piano piece and had being wanting to make a song which would be better recieved. So I made a new song in a Pop Ballad style, mainly usign Piano and string sounds. I went through about three different backing tracks including the original track. I made quite well thought out lyrics, which I re-wrote a few times and practiced singing the song myself, which playing piano chords and having a play around with the timing. The practice song was at about 128 BPM, The final track was just under 90 BPM. 

"I Love Everything you do" is the new track, which I put quite a lot of emotion into the vocals, were practiced repeatedly and has taken, many takes to record to anywhere near how I wanted it ot sound, without even slightly being embrassed when I happened to listen back to the vocal takes, several days later.

I hope people like this rendition of this song, like my vocal attempt. I hope to intergrate this kind of style into some of my future works, possibly into a short album and maybe even go for doing this kind of song (either this or something like it) in a live setup. 

If you do like it please tell me what you think as this really took me quite a while to produce to this level. 

Anyway until next time, see ya around..... 

Posted by maxxpump - March 26th, 2018

Hello everyone how is everyone's day going so far...well I guess if your in the EDT time zone your day is only just starting. I have run into a slight roadblock really as my music is concerned! I have maybe seven to nine chord sequences I think sound cool when played on the piano/string synth (I'll tell you about my new toy which I picked up a couple of weekends ago in a couple of paragraphs...The major reason for my block is down to creative direction, those of which follow my channel, know that I create all kinds of music in all shapes and sizes. I at the moment, want to work on album number sixteen, and really want to hear from everyone, mainly to tell me what musical direction I should go in, mainly as I want this album to be a specfic genre, instead of a mish mash of different styles, a compilation as it were. 

My strong point is Dance/Trance music, I have tried Drum and Bass, Rock, Metal, Numetal/Industrial, Cinematic pieces as well as alot of different fusion styles (those of which have never gone down that well on here, so it I won't go down that route). 

What do people think? What genre should I work on for my new album, what should I do for it sound wise, what do poeple generally think is in style at the moment. Leave you comments below and I will consider anything really and try to accomidate as many people as humanly possible. 

My new toy which I want to share with the world is a Hohner String Harmony which I got funnily enough at a car boot sale for £20 (which is about $35), in not working condition (I've been wanting one ever since watching a guy on Youtube called Kebu, which uses one on a cover/rendition of Giogio Moroders The Chase. Kebu uses one at the during most of the song, but he uses it with a Electro Harmonix Small Stone Phaser, which is a cool little phaser pedal). I have owned a Sovetek Small Stone (which is the original unit, mine being from the late 1970's). I have always wanted a Eminent Solina, I have a emulation VST called Solina V3, which is made by Native Instruments and also have a cool sounding one in Predator 2, which sounds kind of like one, but as I found out by comparing it side to side with Fireball01e's Solina, it isn't completely accurate, which is a bit of shame. To be honest the NI Solina V3 hasn't got the warmth of the original, but it is really cool non the less. The Hohner Sting Harmony needed work on the contacts and it needed all new capacitors in the power supply, it was a quick fix which cost me about £10 and now it is in my studio, and will be featured on its own test track which I will get around to at some point in the near future.   

Posted by maxxpump - March 23rd, 2018

Some interesting songs in my internal NG list which have not been released...

As some have seen I have just released the single from Heartless called Erased from existance, which is a very heavily inspired track from some of Gary Numan's later work, i.e: Jagged and Splinter, its still a song in development as I'm looking for a singer to redo the vocal. 

I have a few more songs including a remake of song one alternate mix which was a piano/dance track which I'm currently doing a vocal for, I've done the vocal four times now, still not happy with it so this may take a few days before I will put it up on Newgounds. But its got fairly well thought out lyrics and the styles pretty cool. Also I have remastered the track, so it sounds much better.

The big news really is the fact that I have just upgraded my studio monitoring system, to a 2.1 surround setup...I purchased myself a KRK 8S Subwoofer which should allow me to do better mixes with regards to making bass heavy Dance and Drum and Bass tracks. I am currently experimenting around with some bass type sounds and am working on a few new tracks which I develop in to a new D&B mix which will most probably be better than anything which I have done in the past...


Posted by maxxpump - March 4th, 2018

Hello everyone, how is everyone doing and I hope this message ultimatley convers my near total, satisfaction with my new Soundcard and recording interface, even though its been a complete andf utter pain in tha ass to get working effectively.

So about three and a half weeks ago I turned 30 and my partner bought me a new 2nd hand Sound-card/Interface, which is capable of recording upto 176Khz at 24B Bit, which my Presonus Sound-card I owned previously could only muster about 48Khz at 16 Bit and it did that badly , so I ened up reocrding and running all my projects in 44.1Khz @16 Bit. This soundcard also effectively has six inputs and six outputs (four physical ins and outs), it has two XLR/1/4" TRS connections with "A" class Phantom 48v microphone pre-amps, it has seven faders, ttansport controls, jogg wheel and caapablity to select and mix upto 12 channels, it can sipport upto 4 monitors (speakers) and subwoofer. it has direct monitoring foldback for channles 1-2 and 3-4, it USB3.0 and its got two headphone ports with volume controls on both of the sides.

Unfortuneately its been a bit of a pain, as my Intel i5 3.Ghz 4th Gen (quad core), 16BGB DDR3 1866Mhz and 256GB SSD PCIe card, is a bit too slow for this card and it took me quite a while to configure it in such a way it could run more than three VSTi's at the same time without either completely locking the computer up, or crashing my computer. It was a fairly simple thing to actually sort out but it ened up with having to sacrifice som eof the ultra low latency that this interface, which was bit annoying as I purhased said card with the knowlage that it could do down to 2ms recording latency and 3ms playback latency. The fix ended up with njust over 8ms and 11ms of latency respectively. 

So after a session with a few VST's, compltely custom soundsets and my MIDI/USB keyboard, I took it upon myself to create something which may have been able to show of this new bit of kit and also as a bit of comparision and see what people thought. So far the song I produced has done fairly well on a few released platfforms, namely Soundcloud, Newgorunds and YouTube. But as per usual I haven't had a ny comments to tell me if it sounds at all cleaner, or if people even liked what ended up being a seven and half hour project (mainly mixing and tweaking was required to get this track sounding how I wanted it and this time went to great lengths to make the soundsets in such away that all the synthesis sits in the song correctly. I also did a bit of light mastering and it seems to have been able to play back on quite  afew of my test systems with out distorting at all and sound farily good on my mobile comparing to similar tracks I've made in the past of simplar complexity. I had also for quite a while (actually about two years wanting to make a follow up to my track "March of the Sequentials", I never specifically set out to purposely make the second part to this song, but this time made it by happy accident and thought it fits the name in this case absoultely perfectly! I mainly tried to use the analogue lab collection of VST's and with the exception of Xpand! and of course the usage of custom voicing in Vanguard, for thinkgs like bass and SFX. 

I started by listening to Oxugene 8 by Jean-Michel Jarre, and used a basic variation of his chord sequence and built my own leads and arpeggiation, riffs, raffs and what not to filll in the gaps. The result doesn't sound to too bad and I personally think I did fairly well with this song. I did use the same chrod sequence throughout the whole sequence which I know some people will say is repedative, but following the standard mapped out by nearly every Dance musican in the past, I changed the sequnce and patterns. leads riffs and hooks every eight bars and it has tons of variation in the piece.    

The majpr sound which I start off with right at the beginning of the track is Solian V and a custom arpeggio which I made using sounds from Vanguard. Strings were provided by Synclavier, the main lead was Serum and that was again created using the initial patch which loads up with serum and I added just more layers and played around with the source sttings and the ADSR, as well as portamento and glide settings. I also used a thunder clap/rain SFX which was from HalionOne SE, Serum was used for build up SFX before the drop sections (which was not really loud enough in the final mix). Xpand was used for a acoustic style Piano and as a organ sound as well. The Solina V pad was loop returned through a Sovtek Phaser called a "Small stone phaser" from around the early 70's. 

If you want to listen to my new piece"March of the Sequentials MK2" it can be found here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/793309 if you like this track please.can you tell me either here or on the track, what you loike about it, if I shoyld further develop the song, or if I should carry on this path and possibly make a album which will be based off a very simlar style (This will again be a free album, exclusive to Newgrounds and will probably be about six or seven tracks in a JMJ style. I will also use only the analogue VST's and will possibly spend at leasta  substantial amount of time on each track like this one. 

If anyone has any ideas, of how I could proceed with this musical lark please let me know, just tell me what music of mine you ppossibly like, what sounds you lioke and a view to creative direction I could follow, it would be very appreciated, because without any constructive comment on any of my pieces for quite a while, its nearly like  I'm operating in  the dark here and its really ahrd fiuring out what people want to hear and what could make the next big piece of music.

I'm currently working on a few vocal Dance pieces, with all kinds of vocal effects, like autotune and vvocoders, I am also doing  acover of Chris Issak's Wicked game, Mad world by Gary Jules and Tears for Fears, I can't help falling in love with you. These when completed wiill be released on my YouTube channel, as Iknow I can't rekease any opf these covers on Newgroundsm, undee pain of death or something nasty like that happening to my accoundt, as I know it is just nopt allowed, which is a bit of a shame as my singing on Wicked Game has been described as really good, I've been practicing quite a lot and I think I am ready to share this style of singing with the worl, even though I know that my singing hasn't particually gone down too well in the past. Mainly as I haven't really practiced and done most of my vocals on the fly, following peopels pretty harsh comments in reagrds to my sionging, I have made even more of a ocncerted effortto make sure that it might go down better that trying to fly a leadf balloon, instead of a parachute when jumping out of a plane! 

Anyway I hop eevryone is well and this message, even though quite long, finds everyone well. I also want to take this time to thank all my fans on Newgrounds and the support that somepeople have shown me in the past couple of years.

Anyway enough of me waffling and I'll let everyone get on with there finite time on thsi planet...

Posted by maxxpump - January 2nd, 2018

This is how I created my new composition "Time Goes On".

The reason I composed the piano in this way for this piece is that I hate this time of year; christmas that is. I don't like christmas as I have social interaction problems as a result of my AS and always found large family gatherings hard. As a result this has made me feel extremerly lonely and isolated. I made this piano riff which you hear at the beginning of this piece, which after I recorded it I thought it sounded pretty sad. I showed this piano piece to Davis Loman when I visited him in december, and he immediately told me to record it in, he was actually pretty emotional at hearing this and he told me he found it erie. We recorded the bass and strings in a 80's style on the tyros and I filled in the gaps with the extra piano chords in the verse. I wrote lyrics for this, but as yet have not recorded the vocals, as I fear I can't express what I want to convey. Daniel, turned up at christmas eve and we recorded the dance stabs with the Alesis A6, and then recorded the drums using the Roland V-drums and chopped/looped them. We finished off with a bass sweep we found in serum and we recreated a similar sound using the Pro 5 and a Behringer filter pedal. We then added horns, and then the string synth sections using the Solina String machine, with a Small stone by Sovtek which is a really good phaser pedal.  This was recorded through a vintage Neve/Helios small format (16 channel) console. It has some pretty cool EMI/EMS pre amps and is a valve powered and uses valves for preamps and output stages. We thought about recording with Pro-Tools or possibly using Logic, but went with a combination of DAT recorder, reel to reel (2 inch) and a Tascam Digital recorder. 

I hope everyone likes this and if you think you want to sing or spit some bars to this get in contact with me.