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Time Goes On, New years song.

2018-01-02 08:21:29 by maxxpump

This is how I created my new composition "Time Goes On".

The reason I composed the piano in this way for this piece is that I hate this time of year; christmas that is. I don't like christmas as I have social interaction problems as a result of my AS and always found large family gatherings hard. As a result this has made me feel extremerly lonely and isolated. I made this piano riff which you hear at the beginning of this piece, which after I recorded it I thought it sounded pretty sad. I showed this piano piece to Davis Loman when I visited him in december, and he immediately told me to record it in, he was actually pretty emotional at hearing this and he told me he found it erie. We recorded the bass and strings in a 80's style on the tyros and I filled in the gaps with the extra piano chords in the verse. I wrote lyrics for this, but as yet have not recorded the vocals, as I fear I can't express what I want to convey. Daniel, turned up at christmas eve and we recorded the dance stabs with the Alesis A6, and then recorded the drums using the Roland V-drums and chopped/looped them. We finished off with a bass sweep we found in serum and we recreated a similar sound using the Pro 5 and a Behringer filter pedal. We then added horns, and then the string synth sections using the Solina String machine, with a Small stone by Sovtek which is a really good phaser pedal.  This was recorded through a vintage Neve/Helios small format (16 channel) console. It has some pretty cool EMI/EMS pre amps and is a valve powered and uses valves for preamps and output stages. We thought about recording with Pro-Tools or possibly using Logic, but went with a combination of DAT recorder, reel to reel (2 inch) and a Tascam Digital recorder. 

I hope everyone likes this and if you think you want to sing or spit some bars to this get in contact with me.   

Hello everybody and hope everyone had lots of cool celebration for Christmas and the Newyear.

I am working on some really cool upbeat musical projects for 2018, this year im going to be only releasing songs im 110% happy with. Hopefully there will be lots of guest singers and synth players. I'm about to release a piece I have been working on for aound two weeks, with Davis Lomax and Danial (Fireball01e), in Lomax's studio. There will be two versions a clean one with no vocals and one with vocals with heavy processed vocals. This new song is called "Time Goes On". Its a dancable pop song, with nice flow and lots of orchestral rock elements. I'll update when I'm about to release. 

New song, first in while

2017-12-17 17:41:56 by maxxpump

I've been taking a bit of a break recently, too mainly play with new ideas, train my mixing skills. I've also had prroblems with finishing my songs as I was finding creation very mundane and slightly depressing (its most probably because my new recording contact and the work load for that). 

My new song is a vocal song with dance elements, which is a bit pop and bit light rock. The mix has come out really well on all my test devices and really am happy with this new creation. I also have been practicing vocals for this song for while in few different formats and this was the best arrangment and vocaI could come up with. Still not amazing, but palitable, I hope peeps get on with it and tell me what you like about it. Anyway I hope everyones had nice weekend and hope to post more interesting original compisitions very soon.

New toy (well its old actually)

2017-12-07 07:53:41 by maxxpump

So I purchased myself a Alesis Andromeda A6 synthesiser, which is a synth which was produced between 2000-2001, as a short run. They became a bit of a legend after people like Tiesto made them a very popular bit of kit. I also got myself a copy of Legend and a free VST called PG-8X, which is very good at JX style synth emulation. I have a custom plate reverb which I am building in the works and will include spring reverb tank as well. 

So I have had a few weeks off from NG to think about my groups direction, work more towards my contract with Parlophone, and just finsihed a collaboration project with the near legendary Dan Haigh's which is part of a group called Gunship. 

So I decided to take a while off from posting to solidify my solo music career, and after nearly half a million views on my video on YouTube for Tchernobyl, I decided that was the ultimate sound direction I want to go in. I've been also making a new album which will be released next spring under Parlophones Diamond Electronic studio label, and already have one concrete song called "Michael's Song", part of the piece you can hear in my newest release "Martins Song" which I released earlier. The difference with this song is after scoring it, instead of making a song out of it, it's already gone through fifteen iterations. I want to make this piece as perfect as possible and I have already spent a combination of three weeks making new sounds, using my new VST package which was given to me by my new producer, Dave Martins. This new VST suite is called "Analogue Lab 2 by Arturia", Im also was given a exclusive license for a VST called "The Legend MK2", which I've already extensively played around with, which I've found is excellent for creating very deep bass sounds. I also at the the same time bought the full version of Kontakt, by Native Instruments, as before I was only using Kontakt Player, which is somewhat limiting in it implimentation. I was also loaned a Apple computer with Protools, a Digidesign HD system and a software bundle, so I've been slowly teaching myself to use Protools, but to tell you, I'm still a Cubase boy and don't really like Protools as much. 

Anyway I went to a second hand synthesiser shop in London three weeks ago on the way back from a meeting, where I went to look at a Sequenctial Circuits Prophet five, as I already own a Pro-1 and have in the past played with the Pro-5 and been really impressed, so I want to purchase a unit, obviously if the price was right (unfortately they wanted £4000 for it which they are worth £1500 tops, so I didn't get it), but I bumped into a guy which was called Alex, he was purchasing a bunch of vintage gear, and after getting talking to him he said he was puchasing the gear after their sucessful album under a group name called "Gunship", I at this point never had heard of them (I have now and think there music is excellent). I exchanged details after having a small synth jam, and then went home. A couple of days later I had a email from Alex and his band mate Dan asking if I wanted to do a collaboration, with I agreed apon, we then sent stems backwards and forwards and have at this point made four songs, but been basically been told thats it as they are currently working on a new album and they might have any spare time to collaborate until next spring time, where they said they would invite me up to their studio, to do a project together. Which all in all its a great honor, and I've had fun and look forward to doing something in the future with them. 

I'm currently doing a bit of a album with Fireball01e, called Genesis, which is going to be a classical rock album, which is sounding fantastic so far, I think he's going to do it as free album, which I really reckon from what I've heard so far, he might actually be able to make record sales out of it.

In other news, I am playing ten gigs with Exedist in December, but we are going under the new name The fireball Projekt, as we have had some legal issue with a group called "Dot.EXE", even though my earliest copyright and trade mark for our group, back in 1996, is not enough and it seems that we got told not to fight it by our lawyers as they are represented by Sony, and even we technically would be okay with taking them to court, we don't have the money. So Exe.Dist or  formally known as Unchained ExeDist, is nowlonger our name, as we really can't face up to Sony's legal team. Parlo said it was a good name, but it was their studio Lawyer, which told us otherwise. 

In the next week I will be releasing new versions of unreleased legacy files, which I will be doing using new technology, VST's and the like.
There is eight songs, all are really good and been played live on different circuits, but they are not good enough I feel to warrant a place on NG, so I will be redoing them. 

There maybe unfortunatly less live playing as my MIDIkeyboard keeps on reseting itself for some reason while working in Cubase and everytime (completly randomly by the way) it does it, I have to save up and reset Cubase, which has been a huge hassle and is getting to the point that I will have to record all live stuff outboard and upload stems into Cubase. This is a an absolute pain in the ass, and I'm really not sure what to do about it at the moment. also unfortunately the backup keyboard (CTRL49) has a broken mid "C" key and is pretty much unusable as a subsquence, both keyboards are both M-Audio and under six months old, so lesson learned M-audio products are not very sturdy and I unfornenatly can't get my money back only a repair of the product and been told would have to wait upto three months to get it back.


This is going to be the time of year that we are going to be uploading a load of well rehersed live pieces, which we have playing on our new tour. Tonight I've just uploaded "Starting Fires" which we've played sucessfully quite a few times, and only just got around to recording this morning. Fireball will uploading a song titled "The Jackel" which is another live piece which we've been doing for a while. There's a few scrap tracks which will also think about uploading as well, but I'll have to see, as I'm trying a new standard of work on this account, so if we can get a decent recording of it we will release it.

I see everyone hated on my Accordion Polka, which was kind of low seeing as it took us so long to record it and get right, but I've had success pretty much everywhere else with it so its not too much of a let down. 


New Accordion Polka!

2017-09-10 08:28:33 by maxxpump

"Thats what I call polka" is a new complicated and completly original accordion piece which has been recorded at a number of locations in the last week, it stars a old friend called Jim Morrisey, and a return of the usage of a Roland FR-7 digital accordion, this is a really polkaish polka, with lightning fast accordion playing and excellent flow and evolution. 

This is the same song which I talking about on here last week, so released as part of a open weekend collaboration with Fireball01e (Fireball Grafix and Soundz). I would like to thank Dan again for usage of his expansive studio, and many thanks our friend jim, which without his playing ability this project would have never happened (as I can't play to that level), I played backing accordion and composed a great deal of the project. We took a couple of days listening to accordion players from across the world including Weird Al Yankvich, who is really a master at what he does. I also took inspiration from accordion player who is called Peter Rosser, who taught me a great deal on accordion and music theory again without this knowlage I don't think we could have pulled this one off! 

If people like this kind of music it could always be arranged for more to composed in the near future, just drop me a message. 

My mate Davis (DavisLoman) just released a piece which he's basically was trying to create a better song than Creo's Dimension (I know right!), and to my ear I think he's done it! As usual he's mixed it completely on outboard equipment, and even though its turned out to be a very bass intensive mix, It sounds bloody amazing! He said he's got a few more pieces like this to come out in the coming weeks, when he's got time as he runs a full time studio. Is it personally better than Dimension, well that up for debate, as they are both pretty good tracks and even though there maybe could have been a bit more composition work, its still about as repetitive as Dimension is. I don't know if there will be a lighter out of it as its sounds excellent on my headphones, but not as good on the monitors, but these headphones even though they are studio grade, id still call them Hi-Fi headphones, so you never know it actually sound quite good on old joes system.

Maybe it needs a bit mastering TLC, but in his composition is bang on, he hasn't taken, used or even slightly inspired by the original, maybe he used saxophone style sound in there, but thats the only simularity. 

I don't want to blow my horn here, but I really think this is an excellent song, but in the style of Loman he's released it in the middle of the night and I know it just won't get the views, comparing if he released it in the day. But he works hard and doesn't really play that hard anymore, but he's really good at what he does when he wants to. 

I would hope his channel really would get more respect really, but he rarely posts and just doesn't have a following. 

So what else can I say really, if you like power dance and your in for a bass intensive track, just click the linky! 

I only really mention him as he has done fair collaboration work with me in the past, and he kind of deserves it and this warrants its own post! 

So I sat on my head for about a week to gather my thoughts and get myself some new direction with my music. I met a few people through the company which has accepted my musical contract, through Parlo and Diamond records, and everyone which I've spoken too and listened to my music kind of agree's that I need a more firm direction, rather than the hodge podge of music which I create on a daily basis. I'm also in agreement than instead of just releasing new ideas (kind of like the two pieces I released today) too actually practice the work before recording it so I can get time get the vocals and other things where I want it to be. The things I put up on this portal are fresh ideas, and I'm going now change that, so if you don't see me post anything for a while you know whats happened (I've had a few PM's from peeps to see if I'm alright, which I am, just as, well Fireball put a funny mood!) I've just as I said really above posted and received my answer for my future at said record company which is excellent news, but have actually been told while my composition is nearly flawless (and no the work I sent to Parlo, isn't on Newgrounds and I doubt it will ever be), I need to work on my overall mixing techniques and overall sound selection. 

Yeah I know that I've been in the past trolled on here, big whoop! I took a rain check and decided that I should percervier, or get to f***k, which I ain't at the moment as It aint worth my trouble. So I will continue to post but as I said before it will futher between posts as I really want to start to get things right on my side of the portal. So my corner will be a little bit more special than it is before. I released one piece today which is called "When it rains it pours" which was inspired by November Rain, by Gun and Roses. its what I call Neo-classical, and its got a lot of elements of EDM, Rock, Metal, tiny bit of jazz and mainly orchestral orchestration, I took me about a week to compose and took me about a day and half to score down into Cubase. 

This can be found here:

I'm really not too proud of the accordion experimentation project I did earlier today, I did say in the descriptions that they shouldn't taken seriously, but there will be more serious accordion work which I've been composing for the last month which maybe released in the next couple of weeks. The song which will come out in the next few weeks is kind of like "Chamberlain", no vocals (at the moment), but with more technicallity and is going to be one of the most technical accordion pieces which I've ever done. I'm taking some inspiration from Big Johnous band and Weird Al Yankvich, as well as Peter Rosser and Ned Serrani (sorry if I've butched any of their names). I know by law I shouldn't mention inspiration points, but its really hard in this day and age not to, and especially while letting my fan base know what to expect of my upcoming work. 

I've also been working on a piece which inspired by "Kaizo Trap" which at the moment is slowly turning out to be a thing, but theres a lot of work still to be done as mainly im still working out how effectively use the VST of choice which is Xfer Serum, and how to use it. I've got a basic understanding of routing and sampling/sound manipulation but the VST is extremerly indepth, and I want to really be able to make exactly the sounds I want instead of going through the presets which I've got. So learning may or may not lead to some Dubstep style tracks, but my end goal is I want to use Serum for a lot more than just that. On my list to buy is Massive, which "ZerryX" used on "Gameover" extensively, this is another track I would love to pick apart for education, but at the moment don't have really too much of a clue how to go about the spefic sounds which were used.

I'm currently working on a remake/remix of the Logical song by Supertramp, which the dance group Scooter redid during the 90's, its sounding really good, but for obvious reasons I can't release the final project on here. I've also did a remake of David Osbournes version of Hotel California, which I've learning on piano. David Osbourne is a classically trained Steinway piano specialist, which is poopoo hot at what he does, and easily plays Hotel Cali, better than the Eagles ever could. 

I'm also studying a band called "The Travelling Wilbury's" which are a super group made up of Roy Orbinson, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan. Their music's pretty hard to retranscribe as the rythems very hard to sequence, things like strumming of guitars, mainly acoustic, is nearly impossible to do in Cubase unless you've got a spefic VST or program to do it. But I've made a few inspired tracks, which I may release when I feel comftable, hell I believe I already released a inspired track by them when I was working one of the weekends with Fireball.

Anyway back to the slog and just remember if I ain't released anything for a few days, I'm not dead, just working on new creative solutions for everyone to enjoy! Peace everybody...


Thankyou for all the fish

2017-09-05 14:56:11 by maxxpump

PSA: If you really do hate my work please, for god sake leave me comment, and tell me why, because I spend a lot of my days making new and interesting tracks, just to be battered down for no apprent reason. Having said this I continue but am just getting just slightly fed up of this really. I aleady know any of my mediocre vocal works don't go down well. But there some good instrumental work that I put out, for example that "Compllication" track which was inspired by JMJ took me half a day to program and mix, and its been bombed of the lists, I really wish who it was to leave me a comment, maybe even before they had scored but am I really asking to much? I'm kind of lost here and I am persisting, but even after peeps have dropped me kind words its getting increasingly difficult for me to know what music A.) I should be making, B.) is what im doing good enough (obviously i'm not good enough for some one, but I really don't care), C.) do I have a practical future on this platform, because quite frankly believe that I'm just going to have to go else where. 

I do wonder if I post to much music, maybe I should just back off and let other minions do their works and just return to being a spectator, my friend Dan wonders the same thing, Davis got really annoyed and started soley just putting out his works on Youtube, and its working really well for him, but unlike him, me and Dan are not well established on Youtube and even while plugging our artistic works, we only get worthless views, hence we are here. Dan has been here since 08 and seen alot of stuff, but even he is seeing a down turn to how things used to be. But I guess demograhics and the nature of people change with time and even though I think I'm riding the curve....F it I'm still being paid well over minimum wage for my compostions and seem to be doing really well off of the internet. But I just kind of wonder what has changed if anything at all.